12th Aug 2009


We have just returned to Chengdu after four days in Leshan and Emei, south of Chengdu. Leshan is the home of the Grand Buddha, supposedly the world’s largest. Emei is the home of Emei Shan, unofficially the world’s highest paved mountain. I didn’t read that anywhere, I just hope that no one else has decided to pave an entire mountain face with stairs, because it’s painful.

We spent two days climbing EmeiShan. The first day, we climbed about 20km of stairs and finally stopped at the Chu Temple to stay the night. The second day we climbed about 12km more upstairs and then took the bus down from the top. After two days climbing stairs, Tony knees were not going to allow him to do anymore and the thought of climbing back down 30km of stairs was unappealing to both of us. Thankfully, along with paving the entire route up with a staircase, the Chinese tourism department has also paved a road all the way to the top. So it made it easy for us to get back down. If not a little hair-raising.

We worked out our visa extensions in Leshan and so now have one more month in China. We’ve also decided that we won’t be climbing anymore mountains until Nepal, where we hear they are not covered with stairs. Fingers crossed.

Photos coming soon.

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