09th Jul 2009

Japan – Week 2

Our first week ended with a trip to the Kobe Club to go swimming with Riley and Tess and then dinner in Osaka at a Mexican restaurant to celebrate engagements, birthdays and a fun trip. Mom and Dan left the next morning and the rest of us went down to the river for another day of swimming (for the girls).

Our second week was a bit more laid back than the first. Tony and I stayed a bit closer to Kobe for the most part. Monday, Todd headed to class and Kirsten took Riley in to see the doctor. Tony and I volunteered to watch Tessy. Kirsten and I were both a little nervous that Tess would not be very excited to stay with us and without Riley. When Kirsten told her that she and Riley were going, but Tess was staying, the crying began. However, much to my surprise, Tess threw herself into the arms of . . . me. So, I carried her into the living room and as soon as she saw Dora on television she began giggling and didn’t seem to mind being left at home with Auntie and her new favorite person . . . TO-NEE! That afternoon we headed into Sannomiya to meet Todd and take the girls to the bird park.

The next day, Tony and I stayed on Rokko Island. We took the bikes we’d borrowed and cycled around exploring some of the pretty and not-so-pretty sights of the island. We collected some groceries and headed back to the apartment, where I started cooking dinner for Todd and Kirsten. They had taken their first Japanese driving test (a clearly very stressful activity) so I volunteered to make dinner. Todd made some fresh pasta and Riley helped by passing the pasta to me. Tess helped by eating the pasta dough. Mmmm, pasta dough.

Wednesday, we went back to Osaka to pick up our visas. After that was done we took the train to Nara. We spent the very humid day wandering around seeing the Todai-ji temple and after having our fill of more wild deer (these a bit more wild than those of Miyajima), we got on the train to Kyoto. We stayed in a great hostel (K’s House) and spent the next morning wandering around some of the sights of Kyoto.

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