18th Dec 2009

Name change and a general assessment

After speaking to my mom about how I’m the world’s worst blogger and never update my site, I basically summed up the last six months of travel with one phrase “lots of people, good food”.

Tomorrow we leave for Rajasthan. It is supposed to be one of the main tourist destinations of India, so I assume my new tag line will ring true.

I’ll try to update more soon and tell you about the various places we’ve been over these previous months.

For now here’s a sneak preview:
China: obscene numbers of people; ridiculously good food
Tibet: lovely (though not massive numbers of) people; lovely (though little variety in the) food
Kathmandu: thousands of tourists and locals; really delicious food
Everest/Annapurna treks: not too many people; not very good food
India:obscene numbers of people; ridiculously good food

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