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15th May 2009

I have my blog back!

Well it appears that the powers-that-be have deemed wordpress websites (at least mine and Todd and Kirsten’s) as acceptable again. Which means that I can finally see my own website without having to go through a proxy server. This comes in handy as the end of the school year approaches and I get ready to quit my job, sell my computer and start my travels with Tony. I was hoping to be able to keep anyone interested updated through my blog and now it looks like I might able to again. Even in China! Yay!

So, a lot has happened this semester. Since Chinese New Year, I went to Malaysia for the annual EARCOS teacher’s conference and presented in front of a room full of my peers. It went well, though it was a bit intimidating. The benefit was that I got to spend 4 days hanging out with Elizabeth (who I worked with in Curitiba) and Tami (who I’ve known forever). Plus, the pool bar wasn’t too shabby either.

Emily and Kendell, friends who live just north of here, came down to visit a couple weeks later. We got to do the typical touristy Xiamen activities like having an excuse to head down to the fantastic Riyuegu hot springs, which would have been absolutely perfect if not for the jackhammers working throughout the day. I suppose after a few years in China, you must just learn to ignore the jackhammers and let them fade into the background. I’m not quite there yet.

Since then we’ve been hanging around here and trying to get all the loose ends tied up before we hop on a train and then a boat and then another train to go see Todd, Kirsten and the girls in Japan. Those loose ends include selling off most of our possessions, sending anything else home, finding some sort of health insurance for the next year, getting vaccinated to ward off the massive variety of diseases that may exist in India, buying said train, boat, and train tickets and (oh yeah) doing our jobs for the next five weeks.

Until the next post, here are some photos from the last few months in Xiamen, Malaysia and out on the waters off the coast of China. Enjoy!

Xiamen Spring 09

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