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10th Feb 2009

Chinese New Year: Xiamen Style

We are back to work after two blissfully peaceful weeks lounging around the apartment and Xiamen. As June approaches, Tony and I are watching our wallets to make sure that we can afford to travel for as long as possible, and not be forced back to work too quickly. That meant forgoing a briefly discussed trip to Laos after we learned that it costs lots and lots of money to fly to Vientiane even though staying there can be quite cheap.

The next few months include a student trip to Beijing and a conference in Malaysia for me. Also, I’m hoping and expecting visits from several friends and family members (hm, hm, Dad). Other than that, I’m planning to do my best to enjoy and get the most out of Xiamen before we leave here. I know I’m going to miss it, it is a pretty cool city.

More to come soon.

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