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14th Oct 2007

Chaweng, Chatachuk & Chinese electronics


I have few photos to show for my week long trip to Thailand, thanks to a defective compact flash card that I picked up in the electronics market here in Xiamen. Lesson learned. What few photos I did take were taken on Chaweng Beach on the island of Koh Samui on one of about 2.5 sunny days out of the 5 days I was there.

Koh Samui has some beautiful beaches, fabulous food and one of the most obnoxious ad campaigns for a restaurant that I’ve ever seen. If you ever go there you’ll know the one I mean. Let’s just say that photo after photo of the chef of a restaurant does not entice me to want to eat there. Even with what seemed like a pretty impressive menu.

As for Bangkok, I have no photos but I do have numerous souvenirs. I spent approximately 7 hours over two different days at the Chatachuk Market. The statistics about the place are pretty astounding, but nowhere near as impressive as the market itself. If you ever feel like you need dishes, bed linens, t-shirts, a dog and lunch all at the same place this is your spot. Plus there’s live “entertainment”.

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