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04th Feb 2007

Estrangeiro to Laowai

I’m back in Brazil for five more months and then I’m off to China. Thailand was a hectic few days and sadly most of them were spent looking at the smoggy skyline from my hotel room window. Not a lot of sightseeing, instead we did a lot of waiting by the phone. Oh and of course interviewing. I met lots of great people and hopefully some of the connections will come in handy down the line.

So, I have five months to see a few more beaches in Brazil, get to Buenos Aires one more time and, of course, pack up my life again. Luckily, it is more stream-lined than it was four years ago, but it should still prove to be a laborious task. Then it’s off to my new home in China, with hot, humid summers, typhoons, and mild winters. Sounds a lot like home.

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