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11th Nov 2006

Microsoft, my arch nemesis . . .

Well, the time has finally come that I have had to close my survey to respondents and actually begin the data analysis and writing of my Master’s thesis. Yay, I think. I figured that since I haven’t had a response to the survey in a week, it would be a good time to end things, besides the fact that I had told my survey subjects (sounds so scientific) that the 10th was the last day.

So, now I have several excel files full of numbers that I get the pleasure of making sense of. Why you might ask is Microsoft my arch nemesis? Well, let’s just say that I know there is a file on my computer somewhere, but Microsoft won’t let me find it. Clearly this could have nothing to do with user error. And since Bill’s not here to defend himself, I’m going to blame my minor, yet extremely annoying, problems on him. I know slightly savvier people would recommend getting a new operating system, but that’s crazy talk (so don’t bother, Todd).

My deadline is less than four weeks away! Don’t expect a lot of photos in the coming weeks. I’ll see if I can get Elizabeth or someone to take Thesis action shots. That should be exciting.

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