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10th Sep 2006

Sporadic Update: September Edition

So life has continued to truck along and I am staying very busy. After leaving England and Ireland, I jetted back to Brazil and jumped right back into work. We’ve already been back at school for over a month. Thanks to this rapid succession of events, the progress on my thesis has suffered a little bit. I intend to maintain my coveted “Biggest Procrastinator” award, by waiting til the last possible minute, but still meeting my deadline of December 8th. Anyone who would like to hold that deadline over my head, feel free. I work best under pressure.

In other news, the Welbes clan has expanded once again. The newest arrival is Tess Olivia. Tess was born on September 9th in Lima. For a look, check out Todd and Kirsten’s website.

Despite my hectic work schedule, I did manage to squeeze in a brief trip to Rio with some friends. There are a few pictures here, though many are repeats from my trip two years ago. But if you never looked at those, then these will be quite fabulous I’m sure.

I’m also attempting to take some photos of this wonderful city before I finally leave it. So, hopefully I will be updating the folder of photos from Curitiba.

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