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29th Apr 2006

Bye, Bye April

Quarter 3 Grades: Computed and Entered
63 Extended Essays: Graded and Mailed
EAD 801 Final Paper: Written and Sent
IB Content: Taught

April has come and is almost gone as have most of my wonderfully synchronized deadlines. This year’s bout with the extended essays was much less stressful than last year’s and might even have been enjoyable were it not for my MSU class ending at the exact time that my essays were due. But it’s all over and I finally can relax on a Saturday. Despite my many promises to myself to be productive and shop/clean/read or complete any other task I’ve let slip over the last two months, this is the most productive thing I’ve done. And I’m not sure that updating my blog with the ever-interesting details of my deadlines could be called productive. Now, if only Todd and Kirsten would post their ultrasound photos or perhaps a photo of my adorable niece that isn’t 3 months old, then the day would be complete.

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