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26th Jan 2006

More Riley photo ops . . . at the beach

So, the rest of the Welbi clan invaded my humble abode here in Curitiba this week. After a few fun-filled days of visiting sites that did not require a car to see, we strapped Riley in her car seat, surrounded her with books, toys, and several varities of starch, and headed for the south.

Our destination? Praia Mariscal. A beautiful beach that sits about four hours south of Curitiba, down my favorite mountain highway, on a beautiful triton shaped peninsula, and over an only slightly treacherous dirt road. We reached our hotel, the Pousada Tortuga do Mariscal, to find that they actually had turtles (or tortugas) swimming around the hotel, much to Riley’s enjoyment.

Praia Mariscal is not as developed as many of the beaches in Brazil. It doesn’t have a night-life, or a lot of shopping; all of that is located over the hill with the slightly treacherous dirt road. Our pousada had just the right level of isolation with attention. We had our own kitchen and a grill on the balcony, so Riley’s meals and our dinners were easy to prepare, which allowed us to avoid late night drives over the hill. However, breakfast was served every morning and the maid service was there to remind us that we were really at a hotel and we would be taken care of. Plus, it was right on the beach and in case the ocean water was a little too salty, it also had a pool.

Riley loved the pool and the previously mentioned turtles. She was not as crazy about the ocean water or her continuing issues with new teeth. The weather, overall, was quite good and no one got sunburned, not even the baby. So, the beach trip was a success. There are even pictures to prove it. Most, not surprisingly, are of Riley, though there are a few of the rest of us, proving that we were actually there too.

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