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17th Sep 2005


After a month or so of school, we finally had a long weekend and were able to travel. This time we went into the interior to an area called the Pantanal. Elizabeth, Janet, and Michelle and three of the French teachers from the school: Frederic, Marie, and Nico and I made our way to the most biologically diverse area of Brazil. It’s also one of the most bizarre natural places I have ever seen. Half of the year in the Pantanal it is almost entirely underwater with swamp like conditions. The rest of the year it’s dry without rain for up to three months at a time. We arrived at the end of the dry season. We awoke one morning to the first rain after three months of nothing. It was a remarkable sight to watch the plants change from what appeared one day to be death to the next with new grasses, flowers and trees sprouting leaves.

I have started to update my gallery with photos of the Pantanal. Not suprisingly, we took tons of pictures, so this may take me awhile. The first batch of photos are here.

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