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26th Jul 2005

Departing Fair Britain

After a pleasant, but costly, month in England, I am departing for the land of carnaval, samba and football. I will miss the endless amounts and varieties of draft beer; but not the high prices of it. I will miss the slightly (and I emphasize slightly) warmer temperatures. I will not miss the annoying familiarity of being in a country that is tense and awaiting more bad news. But whatever I miss, I will get to enjoy again next year when I return for another dizzying month of graduate work.

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07th Jul 2005

Fire Safety

First a disclaimer: to all my friends who aren’t aware of my location, I am in Plymouth, 4 hours away from London, and am safe.

Now onto the real reason for my post: fire safety.

When we arrived here in Plymouth we were each assigned to a dorm room. They’re fairly well appointed private rooms with an individual bathroom, set off in groups of six with a kitchen that is shared between those six rooms. Cute. The six people in my suite are all in the same program as I am. Our first week and a half were nice, we all left our doors open, talked a lot, shared ideas, helped each other with homework and ate dinner together. Until Wednesday. Wednesday, Fire Marshall Bill came through (I’m not really sure that his name is Bill, but that’s what I’ll call him). Fire Marshall Bill asked us, somewhat brusquely, to shut our doors. We were informed that they were fire doors and had to remain shut at all times or we could face a fine. Now, this may not seem like such an imposition, but I forgot to mention that our cute little suite is separated from all the other cute little suites by another fire door, which automatically locks. Our suite and one other suite are separated from all the others by another locked fire door. So, basically we’re in prison. But at least we have books to read and private bathrooms.

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