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31st Mar 2005


Well, my first priority this past weekend was to soak up the sun (with lots of sunscreen on of course) and sit for as long as possibly on the beach. My body’s priority however, was to get a horrible head cold and sinus headache as soon as we arrived and the sun came out. Sadly, I spent more time asleep on the couch in Alex’s mother’s apartment than I did by the beach. But I did manage to get a tiny bit of sun.

Despite my illness, Picarras was beautiful. I have added it to my ever growing list of places I could retire. I don’t think I could find work there so I’ll have to wait til I can just be. We were hosted by Alex, her mother, and her sister Adriana. Alex’s mother fed us amazing meals of seafood and an Easter meal that rivaled Thanksgiving.

All in all it was a great trip and I can’t wait to go back when I’m healthy.

See pictures here.

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25th Mar 2005

Angra Pictures

Thanks Todd. For the first time in a while, I have some new pictures. These are just scenic shots, just to give you an idea of the area. Oh and there is one just for you Todd, see if you can find it. Click here.

Salvador pictures are coming after Easter.

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24th Mar 2005

Happy Easter!

Hello everyone! It’s Easter, which means . . . holidays! Megan and I will be traveling with our wonderful Brazilian connection, Alex, to her hometown of Picarras. We are all in agreement, that the main priority is to lie on the beach and relax. Yay!

Why am I so tired, you might be wondering? I returned on Sunday from the annual Brazil MUN conference in Angra dos Reis. Which is another beautiful beach town in Brazil (pictures coming as soon as I remember how to logon). It was a great trip. But it was also long. I and ten students left last Tuesday night and drove for 14 hours in an only slightly air-conditioned bus with a driver who didn’t bother to ask anyone (including me) for the address of the hotel. We had four great days of debate, fun, rain, and a little sun and then turned back around and drove for 12 hours back to Curitiba. We made it, but I didn’t have too relaxing of a weekend. So now I’m on my way to Picarras!

Oh and for anyone who is interested you can read about the Master’s program I will be doing this summer, by clicking on MSU on the right.

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