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27th Nov 2004

Truly becoming a part of the culture

Well, I’m bored with my Rio Recap (as I’m sure anyone reading this is as well) and it’s taken too long. In short we went hang gliding and saw the Christ statue up close and personal. The next trip was Florianopolis. Great beaches.

Since then, the most interesting thing to happen was that last weekend my car was stolen. Yes, my fabulous 94 gol (see below for more details). The highlight of this whole experience was when the police sent a “car” to take me to the police station to fill out a report on my car. The “car” was a truck from the brazilian violent crime police force ( they appear more like riot police). They were surprisingly nice guys, despite the intimidation factor. They made small talk the whole way to the police station.

My car was found intact and in just as good a condition as it was before they stole it. They used all the gas in my tank, which for once was nearly full. They threw away two books that I had and took my scarf and left me with a wonderful gift. A homemade pipe of some sort. We threw it away, since the police didn’t seem to think it was important.

Lessons learned:
1. No car is too ugly or old to be stolen.
2. Brazilian police officers aren’t as bad as everyone says (at least not to me).
3. Leave nothing in my car.
4. Locking the door isn’t all that useful.

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