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25th Aug 2004

Rio de Janiero 2004!

Slight change of plans. We’re going north instead of south. Which means we’re going to the sunny (hopefully) beaches of Rio! I’m desparate for a little sun and heat. I know that may seem horrifying for all of you in Texas right now.

Our BA trip has been pushed back to October, so we’re going to all the cosmopolitan hot spots in the next few months. Hopefully, this time in Rio I’ll actually be able to see the city (and the sun).

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24th Aug 2004

Buenos Aires 2004!!

Looks like I’m heading back to the fabulous shopping, nightlife and food of BA! We have a 5 day weekend coming up on the 3rd, thanks to Brazilian Independence Day and Curitiba’s Anniversary falling on a Tuesday and Wednesday. Megan and Cynthia (two of the new teachers) and I will be heading there to shop, eat, party, and maybe rest a little.

Expect new pictures soon! In the meantime, check out other pictures from my trips in Brazil.

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06th Aug 2004

First Week (of fourth year) completed!

It’s kind of weird how many first weeks we get to have as teachers, but my fourth first week is over. Ahhhhh! That was a loud sigh of relief, not a scream. I finally feel like I know what I’m doing as a teacher; it only took me four years. Not to imply that I’m organized or have things all planned out for the semester or even the next week; but I am definitely more confident. I suppose that is a plus, since I’m a mentor now. Eeek! I feel like I’m going to learn as much from my mentee, if not more, as she’ll learn from me. My students are great; I was really looking forward to seeing them when we went back.

The big news here in Brazil is that I’ve finally bought a car. Technically I’ve paid for a little more than half of it, but that’s only because the bank will only let me transfer so much money at once. The car is stunning, purrs like a kitten, and goes from 0 to 60 in 5.4 seconds. Ok, not really. It’s not exactly stunning; which I think is a plus, since that way it’s less likely to get stolen. It sounds like someone has dumped a few dozen bolts into a tin can and is shaking them around as I drive; but that’s ok because I will never fall asleep while I’m driving. And it might go from 0 to 60 kilometers per hour in 10 seconds, after letting it warm up with the choke (yes the choke) pulled out; but at least I probably won’t get a speeding ticket. But after all that, I really like the car. There’s no radio; but it’s fun to drive and I’ll be able to hear any strange rattles over the usual ones if I need to. And the engine checks out. Supposedly the car is actually in great condition. It’s just a 10 year old Brazilian made Volkswagen.

That’s all for now. No new pictures, but I’ll work on it.

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