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20th Jul 2004

Lazing around in the cold

Well, it’s 50 degrees outside and 60 degrees in my apartment. I have had time to recover from Mom and Dan’s visit; they wore me out.

I’m slowly adding photos to the photo gallery. To see the whole gallery click on photos on the right or click here.

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14th Jul 2004

Photos of Mom and Dan’s Visit

They haven’t left yet, but they’re already on the web. Mom, Dan and I have been having a great time shopping and eating. Take a look at the newest additions to the photo gallery. Mom’s accidental videos with her new digital camera haven’t made it onto the website yet.


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10th Jul 2004

New Photos!

I have now posted pictures from my trip to Pernambuco (the state). While I was there I traveled in three cities: Olinda, Recife and Porto de Galinhas. Recife is the biggest city of the three and therefore has the most problems of the three; though it did have some nice aspects. Olinda was where I spent most of my time and dates back to the 1500s and has some beautiful colonial architecture.

Porto de Galinhas is a beach, tourist town with an interesting history. It gots its name, which translates to Port of Chickens, after the slave trade was banned in Brazil. ‘Chickens’ was the code word for contraband slaves that were brought into the port. When people said that the chickens from Angola were in, the people who needed to know knew there were slaves. Now the town is flooded with souvenirs and statues of chickens.

To see the new pictures go here

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08th Jul 2004

I fixed your graphics!

Hey, Lindsay, I fixed your graphics! Now there are little, unobtrusive images scattered all about your WordPress backend (and smilies!).

Also, as you see, I made myself User account on your blog! Please don’t delete me :(

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08th Jul 2004

First Real Entry

I am finally joining the 21st century by writing a blog, thanks to my brother and the handy people at WordPress.

Pictures are on the way. (I promise, Kirsten). You can view the one that I’ve posted already here

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08th Jul 2004

Hello world!

Hi, Lindsay. I’m pretending to be you. But don’t worry! You can delete this by logging on and pressing the edit button. You can also change the theme of your site, because this one looks like someone puked on it!


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